Dimple Dell Registration Instructions

Please follow the action steps below to enter the Dimple Dell registration site and arrive at the Dance/Cheer registration page.

These steps MUST be followed in the order listed to successfully complete the registration process.

The first action is a link to the Dimple Dell website and will open a new web page in your web browser.

Actions two through five are selections (links) on the Dimple Dell website that facilitate the Dance/Cheer registration process.

Action 1. Select (click on) this link to enter the Dimple Dell Recreation Center Registration process.
Action 2. Select (click on) the “Register Now” logo in the center of the page, or select (click on) the “Register for Activities link” under the Main Menu.
Action 3. Select (click on) “Classes” in the Register For Activities box.
Action 4. Scroll down in the Register For Activities box and select (click on) the “Dance/Cheer” link.
Action 5. Review the Class Names, Descriptions, Grade Levels, and the Date/Time of Available Classes and select (click on) the “Register” button to sign up.

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